b'Providing the Breath, Rest and Courage to Move ForwardShared by Kristen PumaUntil I had a child with a life-limiting condition requiring 24-hourRyan House also gifted us with the highest quality end-of-life care, I didnt realize that two types are care are nearly impossiblecare for Sammy. The staff walked us through every step, giving us to find in the pediatric world: respite care and hospice care. Boththe space we needed. We were never rushed. They honored our are difficult to find but provide the support and care every familywishes of allowing our family to stay close and cared for through in this situation desperately needs.Sammys final days and moments. They allowed us as much time with Sammy as we desired. Throughout this first year since At four-years-old, my son Sammy was diagnosed withSammys death in April 2018, Ryan House has continued to check Medulloblastoma, a type of brain cancer that starts in the partin with us. of the brain called the cerebellum. Its the most common type of cancerous brain tumor in children. Whats truly remarkable is this love, care and service was provided to us at zero charge to our family. Its donations like ones from Sammy was diagnosed in October 2016. We were lucky enoughyou that make these services available to families like mine. to find Ryan House about a year later in September 2017. The care they provided him was an absolute gift. From the momentSomething else I didnt know before going through this: respite we found Ryan House, they opened their doors to our family, andand hospice care are not covered to the highest degree by we became family. Sammys care was their top priority.insurance. Without Ryan House, I cant imagine how much more difficult and expensive saying goodbye to Sammy would have But Ryan House offered so much more to us than just caring forbeen, and the heavier emotional toll it would take on us. Sammy. They provided respite, a deep breath for me, Charles and Logan so we could gain the energy to keep going. We wereThank you for your continued support of Ryan House through able to catch up on rest or spend much-needed quality time withyour generous donations. Your support provides relief for families Logan, all while knowing Sammy was safe and well cared for. Itin the worst moments of their lives. Know that your support made the unbearable and the impossible something that couldprovides a breath, a short rest and the courage to move forward.be managed. We are so thankful for the respite care provided to us by Ryan House. 9'