b'Our Mission 2018 Board of DirectorsWith our world-class care and programs, weExecutive Committeeembrace all children and their families as theyJanet Moodie.Chairnavigate life-limiting or end-of-life journeysPat Harlan.Vice-Chairthrough: Kathy Hanley.TreasurerPalliative and respite care that addressesBob SerrSecretarythe emotional, spiritual, and social needsTim ONeilAt Largeof the familyContinuity of care from diagnosis to Members Ex-Officio Membersend-of-life Rhonda Anderson Tracy Leonard-Warner, Robert Guthrie MHI, MT-BCExpert care provided by our prestigiousLynn Hoffman Rachel Behrendt, care partners and highly-trained staff John Jennings DNP, RN, NEA-BCA loving community that offers ongoingBarbara Kennedysupport and compassion Marc Lerner Honorary MembersRob Maver Jonathan CottorAlan Meda Max BartolomeaRita MeiserBrian SchulmanJason SinykinPaul WeiserLaura Westfall, DNP, FNP-Cryanhouse.org4'