b'Along the Path to the Far BeyondThe story of the Memorial Gardens artist, Joleen Law, is just asrecently passed. In her studio in Santa Barbara, she lights a candle beautiful as the garden itself, which honors Ryan House childrenand gets to work. She begins by rolling out a slab of clay to the who have passed with an individualized hand-crafted ceramic tile.perfect thickness and then hand cuts each shape. After allowing the tiles to dry, each piece is glazed and fired in a 2000 degree kiln up It starts with her two grandchildren, 11-year-old Soliz and 10-year- to three different times. old Camila who both receive services at Ryan House. Born less than two years apart, they both share the same rare chromosomalOften times parents request an image that meant something to syndrome called Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome (4p-). Both aretheir child, like a bird, animal or superhero. Other times, Joleen will visually and hearing impaired, require hearing aids and glasseslearn an interesting fact about the child that will be woven into the and are prone to seizures. painting. She loves incorporating other small objects like clouds and swirls within the tiles that represent movement and feel heavenly. Soliz and Camilas parents, Andre and Heather Joy Magdelano, discovered Ryan House nearly eight years ago. Initially, Heather JoyEach Spring near Camilas birthday, Joleen packs up the tiles and said, she wasnt sure that she could let go enough to leave hertransports them to the garden for installation. This process can take children at Ryan House, even for a very short amount of time. Butup to three days to complete. Over the past seven years, she has as she got to know the staff, and saw how her children seemedcreated and installed more than 300 tiles.comfortable during visits, her fears eased. The response to the Memorial Garden tiles is more moving than The idea to incorporate colorful tiles into the Memorial Garden wasJoleen could have ever imagined. Parents and siblings frequently born during one of Joleens grandchildrens respite stays at Ryanmake trips to Ryan House to look at their loved ones tile, and she House when she was spending time in the memorial garden. Anonce heard of a group of 50 family members gathered around one established artist who had just learned a new medium while ontile. Another mother touched Joleens heart when she wrote an retreat in Tucson, Joleen quickly became inspired as she gazed atentire blog post about her sons tile, a simple dove with a colored the bare, neutral-toned stucco walls that surrounded the garden andribbon around its neck. saw the large butterfly sculpture that is situated within the space. As Ryan House continues to touch lives in the years to come, the She had a vision to create butterfly tiles for each of the children whoMemorial Garden will always be an important tribute to the past and passed away at Ryan House in their memory so they could, all beforever remember the children who have been cared for and loved united together going along the path to the far beyond. This waswithin the house. and continues to be a loving and wonderful way for a doting grandmother to give back to Ryan House.The next time you visit the garden, while thinking about the care and detail that went into each and every tile, may you too Every year since she began making tiles in 2012, Joleen honorsremember the many lives that each of these tiles represents and the children who belong to the Ryan House family who havethe lasting impact they continue to have on Ryan House.10'